How to Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T How to Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T is a very simple process. It works for All Firmware versions. This is a fa…

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21 Responses to How to Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T – Works for all versions!

  1. james holand says:

    hey i have used and it worked ! :) you can give it a try since it is free!

  2. zuzanna dabrowska says:

    For all ATT users, attiphoneunlocking is the best site for you, they unlock all kinds of ATT phones, as long as if the phone is contracted with ATT

  3. Jessica Parker says:




  4. gustavo canseco says:

    I was try to unlock it yesterday and on the computere said congratulations your iphone is unlocked but i was trying to make a call and it tell me im sorry your iphone has been blocked with are service its and iphone 5 at&t please contact me at

  5. pinksterx3 says:

    will the phone still work with at&t after unlocking?

  6. khrisf says:

    Yes, it will work for any 6.x.x version. and any other IOS version. Thanks for the comment :) !

  7. ZeekDreads says:

    does this works with version 6.1.4?

  8. Craig Estill says:

    No, sorry

  9. Juanasia Young says:

    if I unlocked an at&t iPhone, I can switch it to Verizon?

  10. Abhishek Ghagre says:

    cell unlocker is very costly .. igot unlock done from also got a free usb charger! the free goody thing is really cool!

  11. aty123451 says:

    sorry for interupting buy why i shouldnt unlock it in usa you need to unlock it why but in bulgaria you just jailbreak it

  12. khrisf says:

    Thanks for the comment!

  13. argentinaholandesa says:

    Does it work if I am still in the middle of my 2 year contract with AT&T?

  14. eric mar says:

    yes you are required to make a contract if u get it for 99 even at the apple store. it will be locked to ATT for 2 years

  15. Shaine Smith says:

    Should I take out my AT&T sim card before I do this?

  16. John amber says:

    hi!! i want to tell everyone that i have unlocked my iphone at last after searching for a reliable website.If you want you can check out it helped me a lot! thanks :)

  17. DetroitBread313 says:

    yes you are…but you can contact me and purchase one at full price and pay $50 a month unlimited. say no to contracts.

  18. Shanaya Singh says:

    worked for me too 5 stars

  19. TaysonCg says:

    If i have att iphoene5 but i lost a sim card original is it that big problem or not?

  20. Mike Carrol says:

    Get your iPhone unlocked cheap and fast at iPhoneUnlockedCheap . com – 100% guaranteed – permanent, no scams

  21. Tom Strong says:

    For all the ATT user who wants to unlock thris phone, go check out attiphoneunlocking, it’s the most reliable ATT unlocking site.

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